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The only synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) that has 100% viability to survive digestion.


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A new standard in probiotics

The Daily Synbiotic is a 2-in-1 capsule. It contains probiotic strains that deliver benefits to the gastrointestinal system which influences overall health.

  • The inner capsule contains 24 clinically-studied strains of probiotics. These are strains not found in yogurt, most supplements or fermented foods and beverages. These strains are selected for strain-specific benefits.

  • The outer capsule is a Prebiotic. It contains punicalagins, which comes from Indian pomegranate. The gut transforms the prebiotic outer capsule into powerful “metabolites” for the human body. The outer capsule contains the inner probiotic capsule.

The Seed formula was developed by the Seed team in conjunction with scientists and doctors who are experts in the field of probiotics. Their Chief Scientist is Dr Gregor Reid, Ph.D., a world-renowned specialist in beneficial microbes. He serves as the Chair of the United Nations World Health Organization Expert Panel on Probiotics. And he led the group that authored the globally accepted definition of ‘probiotics’. Additionally, Seed has a Scientific Advisory Board, made up of male and female MDs and PhDs. All of that to say, these are experts with serious backgrounds.


Digestive Health
  • Promotes digestive health (to support healthy regularity and ease of bloating)*

  • Reinforces healthy stool hydration and ease of evacuation*

  • Supports gut ease from occasional gastrointestinal discomfort associated with increased intestinal transit time*


Gut Barrier Integrity
  • Maintains healthy gut barrier function and integrity*

  • Reinforces healthy tight junction in vitro*

  • Supports healthy gut barrier integrity from ethanol- and endotoxin-induced (lipopolysaccharide) permeability in vitro*


Gut Immune Function
  • Supports healthy gut immune function and 'cross-talk' between immune and intestinal cells*

  • Maintains healthy immunological responses in the gastrointestinal tract*

  • Supports production of short-chain fatty acids*


Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes heart health

  • Maintains blood cholesterol levels already in the normal range*

  • Supports healthy intestinal recycling of cholesterol and bile*


Dermatological Health
  • Promotes healthy skin*

  • Reinforces healthy gut-skin axis


Micronutrient Synthesis
  • Supports folate (vitamin B9) production via intestinal synthesis of bioactive forms of folate*

  • Supports synthesis of vitamin B12 in vitro*

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