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A biological age test that measures your unique response to lifestyle change.


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Biological age blood testing kit

Ageing, whilst a natural process, is the accumulation of damage in your body over time, caused by a long term over-activation of the immune system.

Discovering your biological age will provide you with the confidence that your current lifestyle is optimal, or empower you to make changes if there could be room for improvement.

GlycanAge is the only biological age test that accurately measures your unique response to lifestyle change.


Accurate biomarkers

As we age, glycans become increasingly pro-inflammatory, and an increase in low-grade chronic inflammation and progressive inflammaging is one of the key hallmarks of aging that has not been researched enough due to lack of adequate biomarkers.


Determine the age of your immune system

It determines your biological age, the age of your immune system and shows how healthy you actually are.


Detect systemic inflammation to decrease the risk of chronic diseases

Various inflammatory effectors like excessive or unsuitable diet or fitness regimen, hormone changes, surrounding environment, ethnic background, etc. can cause an imbalance between pro and anti-inflammatory glycans. This leads to low-grade systemic inflammation, which can speed up the process of ageing and increase the risk for many diseases.


Make better lifestyle choices

Glycans are sugar molecules that surround and modify proteins in your body. They respond to your lifestyle choices and indicate the inflammatory state of your immune system, which in turn determines your biological age.

Knowing your Glycans health can have a large influence on your unique biology, they are regulated by our genes on one side and environment and lifestyle choices on the other.

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